1. Getting There and back in a DC-3


Wow. Indian sponsored us to a ride from Long Beach to Vegas and back on a DC-3. If you love V-Twin motorcycles, you have to love an airplane built in 1943 with a pair of 14-cylinder radial engines that have the non-pressurized cabin smelling slightly like burning oil the whole time you’re up there. Each 1830-cubic inch Pratt & Whitney holds 28 gallons of oil, and “adding a quart” is code for five gallons. Gary Stark, who owns the old beast, also happens to be a big Indian enthusiast. More than an enthusiast really: His Starklite Cycles is a third-generation purveyor of Indian parts and knowledge. It takes a little longer to get where you’re going at 160 knots, but you see a lot more of the earth from 8,000 feet than you do from five miles.

The Superprestigio was a hoot, and everybody needs to go next year. For me, though, buzzing the Queen Mary in a DC-3 was about as vintage-cool as it gets. You can find out how to do it yourself right here.