7. Chain Adjustment

052115-top-10-safety-check-07-chain adjustment

Your motorcycle’s chain plays a supremely important role in propelling you and your bike down the road. A poorly adjusted chain will hamper the quality of your ride when loose by increasing driveline lash, making it hard to manage throttle inputs without abrupt snatches. A chain that is too tight can interfere with the suspension’s ability to compress fully. Also, an improperly adjusted or worn chain can become a safety hazard. When chains fail, they can do some pretty dramatic things – aside from ceasing to direct your engine’s power to the rear wheel. The worst-case scenario is having it wrap around the rear sprocket and lock the rear wheel, which nobody wants to experience. Then there’s the popular chain holing the engine case, delivering the oil to the surface of the rear tire. In rarer cases, the chain may merely be jettisoned, but imagine the surprise of the rider behind you as a 116-link metal snake comes slithering through the air at his head.