4. CalFab Swingarms


If you were reading bike magazines in the ’80s, you remember the ads for CalFab swingarms. “Cal Fab used to be right across the road in the ’80s,” says Redpath, “literally across LaPalma Avenue. I’ve tried to buy their old swingarms on ebay, and people want lots of money for them – 6 or 700 dollars. So I bought the company and started making them myself. Mine are better extrusions, better made, much better heat-treating, and I’ll sell them for $599. They’ll be available for all the good bikes from the ’70s and early ’80s: KZ, GS, CB, CBX, Z1-R, probably for Triumph Bonnevilles and maybe the new CB1100 Honda. I’m planning to build a swingarm for every bike I make a pipe for. I haven’t wanted to release them ’til i have them all in stock. I hate it when I buy a thing and then have to wait for the guy to produce it. F*&k that.”


“Some will be an inch longer than stock, like with the pipes, I did a little digging to see what worked back in the day, wheel widths and things too. They’ll be all bolt-on, so the average guy can install it, with laser-cut chrome-moly chain adjusters, bushes, bearings, all of it but the customer’s swingarm pivot. If these do well, the next batch will be braced, old Superbike style.”

The arms in the photo are almost complete; all that’s left is the polishing.