7. MotoGP Werks Exhaust Systems


Redpath is obviously enamored of the cool old sportbikes of the ’80s and ’90s, and produces a line of performance exhausts for many of the old GS, KZ, CB and RZ screamers. His close relationship with a major pipe bender, where he worked for some years, allows him to have small batches built to his specs. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Red is a student of history: “What I did for most of them is just a lot of research in old magazines and places. For nearly all the bikes, it’s pretty simple to go back and find which pipe worked best on each one. From there, I’ll track down and obtain that pipe, take measurements and have it reproduced better than the original – complete with spring mounting and a better finish. For the CBX, for instance, the Winning pipe was the one. I spent half a year finding one, it was a bashed-up piece of junk, but I paid too much for it, copied it, made a jig – and now I sell a better version for less money than I paid for it.”

One of Redpath’s best sellers is a four-into-one for the old Honda CB400F, based upon the pipe originally produced by our old friend Kaz Yoshima of Ontario MotoTech fame. Kazu, phone home! Yours for a mere $499 – which is probably less than Kaz charged for one however many years ago that was …