1. Nick Hayden’s Ducati MotoGP racer


Redpath’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of famous moto enthusiasts, but his most bucks-up benefactor is a guy you’ve never heard of who made a fortune, reputedly a big one, in the jeans business. It was his brainstorm to do a little embroidery on back pockets in the late ’70s, and the rest is mercantile history. He already owned a pretty impressive fleet, but wanted something nobody else has. Over bacon and eggs at the Rock Store one Sunday morning with Friend-of-MO Kaming Ko (who is friends with everybody), it came out that Ko is also tight with some people at Ducati Corse. How about one of Nick Hayden’s old MotoGP bikes, the last of the red-hot 800s? Ducati had two it wanted to offload, so Red’s client bought one and Ko the other, for a sum Redpath says was less than he’d thought it would be. But cheap to the jeans mogul and cheap to the rest of us are two different things. Stoner’s and Rossi’s ex-Ducati racers reportedly sold for around £200,000 two years ago.


No, you can’t ride it on the street and in fact, the bike comes with a lot of other restrictions, too, like you’re only supposed to be able to do one track day per year on it, you’re not even supposed to start it except on rare factory-approved occasions, and some other rules contained in the purchase agreement.


No big, I guess. Jeans man already has at least one Desmosedici for the road, and two new Superleggera Panigales – one of which Redpath is currently converting into a “streetfighter.” At MotoGP Werks, the fun never really ends.