2. Made Two-Stroke Engines as Far Back as 1948


Despite its traditional reverence for big V-Twin engines, Harley-Davidson did not disregard the practical appeal of the small two-stroke. As the result of the allied victory in World War II, the spoils of war were divvied up between Harley and Britain’s BSA. This gave the Yanks the use of the trustworthy DKW two-stroke Single. The Model S 125, which later became the Hummer, appeared in 1948 with an MSRP of $325 and a claimed 3 horsepower. Though never widely popular in the states, the tiddler did introduce many youngsters to the joy of motorcycling at an affordable price. The Hummer eventually grew to 175cc street and dirt models that were available through 1967. They were replaced by the Rapido 125 and Baja 100 models with two-stroke Aermacchi engines.