While concocting my What’s A Motorcycle Daredevil? editorial, it became apparent that not only do daredevils share a taste for jumping motorcycles, but also for the things they jump their motorcycles over. Taking a second look at these obstacles, from the mundane to the extraordinary, popular to obscure, I composed a list of the best and the most esoteric (worst?) objects daredevils choose to jump.

Things have certainly changed since the heyday of daredevils like Evel Knievel and his ilk: If you’re not backflipping over whatever it is your jumping, we’re no longer impressed. Preparation and safety have certainly increased, which is very good for the daredevils, but leaves us spectators viewing reruns of Knievel’s more spectacular non-landings.

The good thing is, as long as there’s a few guys and gals willing to risk the dangers, there’s gonna be a hundred times as many people willing to watch them do it.