4. Eye Protection

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Yeah, we could argue all day about helmets and whether they should be required (and those of you in the anti-helmet camp would still be wrong). One issue we should all agree about is that, if you can’t see while you’re riding, you are SOL. We’re constantly amazed at the number of riders we see, whether wearing helmets or not, riding without eye protection. Perhaps they haven’t yet experienced the joy of a bee or stone impact at speed. While the skin is relatively sensitive part of the body, it is pretty dang sturdy when compared to the eye. So, cover your peepers! It doesn’t matter whether by goggles, motorcycle-specific spex, or a face shield, as long as they are sealed from intrusion of grit from the side.

Now would be a good time to say something about not riding with tinted visors or sunglasses at night, but we already did.