6. Boots

102314-top-10-save-butt-06 Boots

Motorcycle boots do more than just hold your bones in place in the event of an accident. The construction of their soles helps them to grip on slippery surfaces. If you question the importance of this, try having your foot slide out from underneath you at a stop. Sometimes you can keep the bike upright; sometimes you can’t. Increase the fun by doing this on a top-heavy touring bike – with a bunch of your friends watching. Motorcycle-specific boots are also designed to address the peculiar stresses of riding. Toe patches keep the shifter from marring the surface of the boot. Shin guards deflect errant stones and small animals. Retroreflective materials make you more visible at night. Also, during a long day in the saddle, a set of riding boots are actually more comfortable than a pair of running shoes.