9. Rain Gear/Heated Gear

102314-top-10-save-butt-09 Rain Gear

While it might not be obvious, wearing rain gear during inclement weather is a safety factor. If you’re wet, cold and uncomfortable, you’re already plenty distracted, and that’s before we consider the complications of poor visibility and limited traction during precipitation. If you also want to address the poor visibility experienced by others, buy brightly colored rain gear instead of dark colors. If you’re decked from head to toe in neon orange, nobody can claim they didn’t see you.

Although wearing heated clothing could be seen as simply continuing with the idea of creature comforts lessening a rider’s distraction out on the road, the reality is that your ability to perform tasks becomes limited as your muscles get cold and stiff. Why do you think it’s increasingly common for motorcycles to include heated grips in their features? One often overlooked problem brought on by cold is that, as your core temperature drops, your cognitive ability is reduced. Even worse, you may not be aware of this impairment. So, while plugging in your electric vest for a fall morning commute may simply feel great, you’re also doing your bit to stay sharp out on the road. An added benefit is that, if you’re more comfortable, you can make those recreational rides last longer.