1. Your Brain

102314-top-10-save-butt-01 Brain

No regular MO reader should be surprised by this. Never ride without your brain. Brainless riders are vastly overrepresented in motorcycle accident studies, with the majority of single-vehicle accidents coming as the result of brainless motorcycle operation. Using your brain will immeasurably increase your riding enjoyment – and your longevity. Although they are no guaranty of brain use, abiding by the previous nine suggestions is usually associated with brain activity.

Because we live in litigious times, here is our barrister-required disclaimer: “No brain can protect you from every possible hazardous circumstance. However, when used properly, your brain can save your butt. Never alter your brain with alcohol or harsh chemicals prior to riding, as these will prevent it from operating to its full potential.

“Always use your brain – especially when riding a motorcycle.”