1. Dick Mann Daytona CB750


Legend has it that four of these were built for the 1970 Daytona 200, and the one under Dick Bugsy Mann held on, just barely, for the win. This isn’t that bike, but it is assembled from all the spare parts that were left over after that first factory Honda roadracing effort in America. Soichiro’s genius CB750 was already a shoe-in to be the humongous global success that made Honda Honda, but Mann’s win seemed to seal the deal. Put a fork in Triumph/BSA, it’s time for Harley-Davidson to dedicate itself to custom cruisers from now on, hello modern four-cylinder era. Of all the bikes and other vehicles in the museum, this is the one you’d most like to fire up and ride through the Malibu canyons for a nice fish taco at Neptune’s Net. And maybe crack a cold one to toast all the excellent things Soichiro Honda built over the last 50 years. Salut!


Honda Japan hired Bill Smith, Tommy Robb and Ralph Bryans, none of whom finished the 200. American Honda’s late Bob Hansen hired Dick Mann and his mechanic, Bob Jameson, and won it.