1. 1983 Yamaha XVZ 1200 Venture

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1983 Yamaha XVZ 1200 Venture Royale

Since its introduction in 1985, the original Yamaha V-Max has had a reputation as being a badass muscle cruiser before that was even a thing. It all centered around its monstrous (for its day) 1200cc V-Four. Back up two years and you’ll see that same basic engine (detuned, of course) in a much more comfortable touring platform, called the XVZ 1200 Venture Royale, and that’s what we have here. For only $600, “linus10025” will hand over his first-generation Venture, seen above. Judging by the pictures, the Venture has seen a few miles, 56,000, to be exact, along with the wear and tear that comes with 31 years of touring. But check out that chain link graphic from front to back!

It starts and runs just fine, he says and, get this, even comes with a Sony tape deck in the fairing! Sure it could use some suspension, brake and body work, but if the frame is straight and it’s never been down as he claims, this seems like a good find for just $600.