5. 1978 Honda CB750K

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1978 Honda CB750K

Ranked as one of the greatest motorbikes ever by the Discovery Channel, the Honda CB750 is part of the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame, was in The Art Of The Motorcycle exhibition and is in the UK National Motor Museum. With those kind of credentials, this 1978 CB750K seems like a steal at an asking price of $1,999.99. The seller, “427vettevette” claims the bike is all original, right down to the tires, and that the bike was “purchased from original family owners.” Though the seat isn’t stock, it is claimed to be a factory correct replacement that has been with the bike since it was new. With some new tires, this would be a great all-purpose motorcycle as-is. Or if the cafe racer scene is your thing, here’s a prime, unmolested platform to let your imagination go wild.