9. 1983 Honda GL650I Silverwing

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1983 Honda GL650I Silverwing

Here’s a find for the Honda history buffs. The Honda GL650 Silverwing, and its unique, transverse pushrod 673cc V-Twin (a descendant of the CX series) was only brought into this country for one year, 1983, as a beefed up version of the underpowered GL500. However, with Harley-Davidson on the brink of bankruptcy the year before, Uncle Sam imposed high import tariffs on Japanese bikes entering the country, basically pricing out Harley’s competition. The move meant Honda only brought GL650 here for one year, but the tariffs would end up saving the Motor Company.

Thus, this GL650 is a relatively rare motorcycle. It will likely seem anemic compared to today’s touring machines, but yank off the fairing and bags, install some clip-ons and hack up the rear, and you could have a funky cafe racer. Or, leave everything as is and simply transport yourself back in time three decades. The seller claims it’s in great shape mechanically, and $1850.00 doesn’t seem like a bad deal for a piece of history.