All of us like a good bargain. Whether it’s a new toaster, a pair of shoes or even a special on produce at the grocery store, walking away knowing you got a good deal on something feels good. When it comes to motorcycles, every now and then a glance at Ebay can reveal some steals.

So this week, the two T’s, Troy and Tom, bring you the Top 10 Ebay finds under $2000 happening right now. Of course, the nature of Ebay means items come and go every day, but as of press time all of these items are still up for grabs. The criteria was simple: each bike had to be under $2000, and because people bidding on an auction can sometimes inflate an items price higher than it’s worth, every item here has a “Buy It Now” option within our price cap. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the list is all Japan – mostly Hondas, with a few Kawasakis and Yamahas in the mix, too. Weirdly enough, this week’s search didn’t reveal any Suzukis worth pursuing.

Now, on to this week’s list, in no particular order.