10. Holosimulator


Pilots from the Empire, Rebel Alliance, and the New Republic all train for flight by using a Holosimulator. The Holosimulator presents take-offs, landings and flight combat in nearly 100% realism by utilising computers, holograms, and inertial compensators. The Rebels certainly couldn’t afford to be crashing X-wings, and neither can motorcyclists afford to be crashing bikes, for both physical and financial reasons (note the Personal Energy Shield surrounding the pilot, more on that later).

Flight simulators exist now, but not to the same level of sophistication as those in the movie. Motorcycle simulators also exist, but to an even lesser level of sophistication. If we develop a similar level of simulation and apply it to training motorcyclists as well as motorists – providing all the good and bad scenario stimulation of riding/driving without the risk – we’d be a planet of better riders/drivers.