2. Speeder Bikes


Nope, sorry, Speeder Bikes don’t fill the #1 slot in this Top 10, you’ll see why in a moment. Like most current motorcycles, Speeder Bikes, specifically the 74-Z, emphasize speed (in excess of 300 mph) and maneuverability. Hovering up to 82 feet above terra firma, you’re not gonna get a knee down, but at least with the forward rotating blaster cannon, you can blow shit up. The 74-Z was also equipped with terrain-following sensors linked to a heads-up display which makes navigating rough terrain a breeze. So, why did so many Stormtroopers keep running into trees? Obviously a result of too little Holosimulator time.

We’re nowhere close to having this kind of technology, but if you’re chomping at the bit and have upwards of $100k burning a hole in your pocket you can pre-order The Hoverbike, the world’s first flying motorcycle, today.