Britain might be known for its Singles history, but Germany has its own rich history racing Singles. In 1955 the 250cc Sportmax models, in particular, were popular with privateers, as NSU had decided it was pulling out its factory effort the year before and ended up selling bikes and parts to anybody with the cash for the ’55 season. Consequently, the bikes were also popular in racing circles, able to keep up, and sometimes defeat, twin-cylinder machinery. The highpoint for the Sportmax came in 1955, when Hermann-Paul Müller took one all the way to the 250cc crown – one of the rare instances where a true privateer has won a world title. As for the bike, the 247cc four-stroke was rated at around 30 hp somewhere north of 9,000 rpm. Sportmax examples (some authentic, but mostly replicas) still pop up at vintage races and on the auction block from time to time, with and without the dustbin fairing.