An idea struck me after reading Tom’s Top 10 lists about 500cc/MotoGP and World Superbike champions. There are so many great riders who come through both series, and yet, at the end of the year, only one of them can be crowned champion. The rest? They get the unfortunate distinction of bridesmaids (hence the lead photo above from the movie with the same name). It’s often said in professional sports that nobody remembers second place, but in this Top 10 I’m doing just that – paying tribute to the top riders who were never able to bring home a world title.

This list will consist of five riders from World Superbike and five from 500cc/MotoGP who achieved great things in their World Championship careers and yet failed to win the big prize. In compiling a list like this there are bound to be many names who don’t make the cut, just like there are bound to be many riders from the early days of Grand Prix racing who are simply forgotten. This isn’t intentional, of course, and if you have a rider you think is deserving of the list, feel free to mention him in the comments section below.