3. Centennial Lake Road


For the third entry in this list we travel north of the border to Centennial Lake Road in Ontario, Canada. This 60-mile stretch of tarmac rolling and twisting through Ontario’s Highlands was resurfaced not too long ago, so hopefully the frigid weather up there hasn’t messed it up too much. Last October, Can-Am launched its 2015 Spyder F3 incorporating a two-day ride through the wilds of Ontario. We didn’t navigate Centennial Lake Road, but what we did ride was equally awesome. I’d go back and ride in Canada (when it’s warm) anytime. Locals say Centennial Lake Road also goes by a couple aliases: Calabogie Road and Black Donald Lake Road. Not far away is Calabogie Motorsports Park. With its 20 turns in 3.05 miles of rolling hills, we hear it’s one of the best tracks in Canada.

Top Five Motorcycle Roads in Ontario’s Highlands