7. Tears in Gear


Proper motorcycle gear isn’t cheap, we know. However, generally speaking, motorcycle safety apparel are one-and-done items. Take one good fall and that jacket or pant will suffer the brunt of the trauma instead of you – which is what they’re supposed to do. With some exceptions, it’s not a good idea to wear crashed gear over and over again. But even if your gear hasn’t had an up close and personal engagement with the pavement, it’s always wise to check the condition of your gear regularly. We’ve had gloves come apart at the seams just from normal use, leaving bare skin exposed. A loose thread or a broken zipper will be the first to fail in a crash, compromising your safety in the process. If your gear has a warranty, check to see if the manufacturer will still honor it – many would rather do right than get negative reviews online or through word-of-mouth.