Out of sight; out of mind, right? When was the last time you changed your bike’s coolant? Don’t remember? Well then, I guess we’ve made our point. At the very least, you should check your bike’s coolant overflow tank on a monthly basis and for its freeze-protection qualities annually. We recommend changing it at least every two years.

Antifreeze does more than protect your engine from damage in freezing weather. Antifreeze also performs several other important duties. The aluminum internals to your engine are prone to oxidizing. Coolant and other products, such as Water Wetter, form a protective coating over the bare aluminum, keeping it from eroding at high-heat areas and from building up on cooler locations, which would reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. Coolant also lubricates the water pump and prevents foaming.

MO Wrenching: How Do I Check My Coolant?

MO Wrenching: How Do I Change My Coolant?