Honda CTX1300


If this is the first time you’ve read about the 2014 CTX1300, you haven’t been paying attention. Back in September, we posted leaked documents purporting to show future Honda models. Although we initially thought that the engine would be a 1312cc Twin similar to the one in the Fury and Sabre, recent photos have revealed that the engine will be a V-4! The thought of the V-4 exhaust note has us even more excited about the prospects of the bigger CTX.

The roomy riding position afforded both the pilot and the pillion should come as no surprise to Honda CTX fans. The manufacturer is trying to capture new and reentry riders with its Comfort Technology eXperience approach to the 700cc version of the CTX.

Although the spy photos show a model with a clutch and shift lever, we still think that there is a good chance of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS making an appearance on the CTX1300. Both technologies are attractive to newer, less experienced riders. The pulled-back handlebar and low seat height will make the CTX an important tool for expanding the pool of motorcycle enthusiasts, which will be a good thing for us all.