Zero Sportbike


The electric motorcycle market continues its technological march into the future. Witness the Energica Ego we recently tested in Italy. Or the scintillating Mission RS or ferocious Lightning that our Troy Siahaan described as the fastest motorcycle he’s ever ridden.

Meanwhile, Zero Motorcycles’ latest offering, the S, has been comprehensively out-sported. The S compared favorably when tested against Brammo’s admirable Empulse, but it wasn’t thrilling enough to get major-league attention from dedicated gearhead riders.

But we’re expecting Zero to hit hard with a new sportbike we’ll see at EICMA next week. Details are scarce, but we’re expecting a major increase in power and optional batteries with higher-capacities than the S’s currently optional 10.0 kWh (nominal) cells.

But it’s not just a new sportbike in the pipeline, as we’re told there’s also been a focus on the functionality and performance to the current lineup. The full story will be told on November 6.

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