Yamaha Three-Wheeled Scooter


Earlier this summer, Yamaha announced it would produce a new three-wheeled scooter for 2014. The as-yet-unnamed trike (Yamaha 3Max perhaps?) has two wheels up front that tilt into corners like Piaggio’s MP3.

Yamaha says its multi-wheeler will be sportier than existing three-wheelers like the Piaggio MP3 and Peugeot Metropolis. Pricing might be a bit high for some, with Yamaha targeting a million yen (US$10,000) price point.

It’s yet unclear what engine will be used to power new trike, but Yamaha’s performance legacy likely points to a 500cc-ish parallel-Twin, either from the existing (but not in America) T-Max (530cc) or perhaps the new Twin seen alongside the FZ-09’s Triple at a Yamaha business meeting last July.

Earlier reports have Yamaha presenting the three-wheeler at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 22, but with the success of three-wheelers in Europe (it’s one of France’s top-selling motorcycles because it can be ridden with an automobile driver’s license), it’s a pretty good bet we’ll see the trike first at EICMA.