This one pushes past $10K a bit, but does anybody pay list for a Moto Guzzi? It’s the poor man’s Griso, or maybe the short man’s. No, it didn’t win our Urban Sport Cruiser Comparison last year, but reading between the lines leads me to believe it almost did. Guzzi’s new 853cc 90-degree V-Twin doesn’t make nearly as much power as bigger V-Twins, but it also weighs like 75 pounds less than the next lightest one in that comparo – the now defunct Victory Octane. “I love the Guzzi for what it’s not,” says King Clown (a.k.a. Duke). “It’s a cruiser, but one that exists on its own terms. It’s a V-Twin, but a uniquely arranged one. It’s not stretched out to look bigger and badder than it is, but rather it feels like a roadster with a slightly more relaxed stance. The Bobber is cool in ways the others are not.”