We’re constantly on the lookout for synonyms for “fun” in this business, but no other word will suffice in this motorcycle’s case. Plain, stupid, high-school parking-lot fun follows it wherever it goes. Totally remodelled for 2016, this 693cc single-cylinder overachiever pumps out something like 70 horsepower, with twin counterbalancers that render it so smooth you wouldn’t know it’s a Thumper when you’re sailing easily along at 80 purrr. Throw in the fact that the KTM Duke’s claimed dry weight is 327 pounds, and you should begin to get the picture.

The only downside is that the 790 Duke Twin may be here before year’s end, and we’re told by people who should know that it may squeak in below $10k. If that’s the case, look for the 790 in this spot next year.