3. KTM 690 Duke

KTM 690 Duke Wheelie

KTM’s 690 Duke has changed the way we look at single-cylinder streetbikes, boasting what is likely the world’s most powerful one-lung engine. The 690cc motor rips out nearly 64 horses at its rear tire, nearly twice as much as a KLR650. More impressive is the 46 ft-lb of torque on tap just past 5000 rpm, which combines with a tank-empty weight of only 330 pounds to create a rompin’ wheelie machine.

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If you use full throttle in first gear, it will wheelie whether you want it to or not. Second-gear wheelies are a little calmer than in first gear due to a slower rising front end, but they require a clutch dump or a bar tug. Despite having the least power of the bikes on this list, wheelies are an amusing part of the Duke experience.

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