10. Dirt bike – Any Dirt Bike

2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra

Okay, this is a genre rather than a specific motorcycle, but here’s why. I’m frequently asked how to do respectable wheelies, and I always advise learning on a dirt bike or dual-sport enduro. Their tall statures make them more sensitive to pitching, which aids the weight transfer needed to pull up a bike’s front end. And, importantly, wheelie speeds on a dirt bike are significantly lower than while on a streetbike, plus dirt is generally softer than asphalt.

And when riding in the dirt, there will be many times when it’s advantageous to loft a front wheel, forcing you to learn the throttle and clutch control needed to do it reliably. Dirt machines are also lighter than their street brethren, making them easier to control. Finally, a dirt bike will be less expensive to fix should your attempts require more skill than you possess.