4. Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Suzuki V-Strom 1000

With the announcement of an all-new V-Strom 1000 from Suzuki, deals on the outgoing Strom 1000 should be popping up everywhere. As it stands, the V-Strom 1000 is already an underappreciated adventure bike worthy of the attention of anyone looking to pick up something in this category, especially those of you with long legs. The 1000 engine is naturally filled with torque, and combined with the luggage available on the Adventure model you see in the picture above, long distances, on or off the beaten path are what this bike lives for.

Seat height is 33.1 inches, there’s no forward lean on the rider, and your knees are only bent 88 degrees while riding, says Cycle-Ergo. A rather benign rider triangle, all things considered. The 650 Strom is loved and preferred by many for its more manageable engine character, but from an ergonomics standpoint, which is the one we’re taking for this list, the 1000 provides a more relaxed position and is the version tall riders should be paying more attention to.