5. KTM 1190 Adventure R

KTM 1190 Adventure R

After riding the new KTM 1190 Adventure R, E-i-C Duke came away very impressed with what KTM has done to rebuild its perennial contender in the adventure category from the ground up. The new 1195cc V-Twin is a powerhouse, paired to an impressive electronics, chassis and suspension package capable of handling whatever terrain comes its way, dirt or street.

For this list we’re going to stick with the R model, as its accommodations are better suited for tall riders. You’re giving up the electronic suspension and two-position seat of the standard model, but that’s no cause for concern. The R’s 35.0-inch seat height is taller than the standard’s tall setting of 34.4 inches, and the analog WP suspension is more than capable for any terrain. Handlebar clamps offer two positions, while levers and pegs are adjustable as well, meaning many body types can find their happy place aboard the KTM. According to Cycle-Ergo, the rider’s knees are bent at 87 degrees. Compared to its 990cc predecessor, the 1190 might appear a smidge more aggressive, but the new Adventure actually relaxes the knee bend by two degrees over the old bike. Depending on your preference, either Adventure model offers a comfortable position. Of course, hard luggage is available for either bike for true long-distance adventures.