9. Ducati Multistrada

Ducati Multistrada

If we were forced to have only one motorcycle in our respective garages, none of us would be disappointed with the Ducati Multistrada. It’s a great all-around motorcycle with plenty of grunt, all-day comfort and cargo capacity to spare (if you order the saddlebag-equipped S model). It can even handle some light off-road duty, too. New for 2013 are semi-active suspension and a revised DS, or Dual Spark, engine, providing a cleaner burn resulting in more power and better driveability.

With this sort of do-it-all personality comes a 33.5-inch seat height, upright bars with virtually no forward lean on the rider, and pegs set to bend the knees only 83 degrees, according to Cycle-Ergo.com. The Multistrada is a bike for all purposes, but also for all body types, too.