Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles For Tall Riders

Recently, we compiled a list of the Top 10 Cruisers for tall people. The premise was simple: you’re a tall fellow (or lady), and the majority of motorcycles out there just don’t feel comfortable to you. Your knees rub against your elbows, and the bars can be too low for your liking, placing unwanted weight on your wrists. Cruisers provide a great solution for those gifted (cursed?) with extra inseam, as the foot forward position helps spread the body out some. But cruisers also place more weight on a rider’s tailbone, which can cause comfort issues.

In terms of long-haul comfort to tall riders, the best option comes from the adventure category, where long suspension travel also lends itself to tall seat heights. Also, a bike designed for off-road riding (or even the pretense of it) provides upright handlebars. Foot pegs are brought back considerably from the cruiser stance, but are still much more reasonable than a sportbike, and they allow a greater range of positions for a rider than a cruiser.

Like the cruiser list, we enlisted the help of quite liberally to help pick out 10 adventure bikes that will readily accommodate those taller than six-foot. Because of the wide array of choices out there, this list will stick to relatively new models available in the United States. There’s a good variety of price points, too, so tall riders with wallets of various thicknesses should find something for them.