6. Trash Bag Rain Gear


One way to separate real riders from the posers is through their ability to ride in bad weather. The more years you ride, the more you’ll collect rain gear and waterproof suits. Still, even the most experienced riders can get caught out without the proper gear and many miles left to travel. Since losing core temperature can land you in hypothermia-world, you’ll want to find a way to keep yourself at least partially dry.

Carrying a plastic trash bag under your seat takes up almost no room and will be worth its weight in gold should you find yourself out on the road on a cold and rainy evening. You’ll need to make head and arm holes before you can use it. (Your mom told you not to put plastic bags over your head, right?) Don’t be silly and throw it on over your gear; the bag will shred in minutes. Instead, put your plastic bag vest on under your jacket. Your gear will get wet, but you’ll be dry. Similar to the latex gloves mentioned previously, this technique also works for times when you’re wearing vented summer gear and the temperature suddenly drops.