1. Coat Hanger Cruise Control


Have you ever had a really long freeway ride ahead of you and wished you had cruise control like the cool sport-touring bikes we recently tested? Well, by simply scavenging a piece of clutter from your closet, you can create a friction lock for your throttle. Cut the long side off of a wire coat hanger and bend it in half over your throttle grip. Take a pair of locking pliers and clamp the two pieces together about a half inch over the brake lever. Now, twist the wire with the pliers, safety wire-style, until the coat hanger creates enough friction with the grip to overcome the throttle-return spring and hold it in place against the brake lever. Once you’re certain there is enough friction, trim the wire to length and file off the sharp edges. If this sounds a little too permanent for your tastes, wrap the coat hanger around the throttle 1.5 turns and use a rubber band to hold the wires together. When you no longer need it, just unwind the wire.

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that you’ll need to roll off the throttle manually when you want to slow down, but we just did, anyway, to keep the lawyers happy.