8. Road Trip ($4.99. iOS only)


This one is for the real number crunchers out there. With Road Trip, you can get comprehensive data on a crucial element of your bike’s performance: fuel mileage. While it’s meant for four wheels, there’s no reason the five-buck app can’t work for a motorcycle as well. Beyond tracking your fuel mileage, Road Trip also keeps service and repair logs and will send you a reminder when a service item is due. It can also track your expenses per trip and show you a cost per day, per mile and provide a moving average.

The sheer expanse of data sets Road Trip provides is mind boggling, and if you’re an iOS user, could very well be worth the $4.99 to try it. What’s more, the app can show you graphs for comparing MPG vs. fuel type, driving conditions, average speed, temperature, and much more. The data points can also be imported or exported as a .csv file for greater manipulation on a computer.

More about the app: Road Trip