Whether you’re cooking, exercising or simply relaxing on the couch, apps often rule our digital lives. In this age of smartphones, tablets, virtual reality and a myriad of other electronic gizmos, all of us use apps at some point during our day. Yes, that includes while on our precious motorcycles, too. Two wheels may be a form of escaping the digital world, but it would be a shame to ignore the different ways in which technology can enhance our riding experience. Here we’ve gathered 10 apps we believe would be useful to everyone on two wheels. From finding great riding roads to potentially saving your life, the 10 apps we’ve included here should appeal to the wide array of riders out there. Users on an iOS device are lucky in that almost all the apps listed here work on your device. Android users are also mostly covered. Sorry, but if you’re using a Windows phone or some other OS, you’re largely SOL. Read on to see our 10 featured apps.