Ann Margret

The 1960s sex kitten was thrown off her motorcycle in Brainerd, MN. in August of 2000, suffering three broken ribs and a fractured left shoulder. The next day Ann-Margret, 59 at the time, carried on as Grand Marshal of the Colonel’s Truck Accessories National Hot Rod Association Nationals, riding in a pace car with her left arm in a sling and waving to 140,000 people. The next year on Larry King Live, she talked about the accident.

ANN-MARGRET: I hit some sugar sand and just went off. And I bumped and bumped and bumped. And I thought: ‘Well, this is a beautiful lawn.’ And then I hit something.
KING: And do you still ride motorcycles?
ANN-MARGRET: I have a beautiful, brand-new one waiting for me.
KING: A Harley?
ANN-MARGRET: Hand-painted, lavender, with gorgeous, gorgeous daises.
KING: But why do you ride motorcycles?
ANN-MARGRET: Why do you do this show?
KING: Well, it ain’t going to send me off the cliff.
ANN-MARGRET: No, but don’t you love it?
KING: Yes, I love it. But why do you love motorcycles?
ANN-MARGRET: It is everything.