Lauren Hutton

Dennis Hopper, Lauren Hutton and Jeremy Irons

The ’70s supermodel/actress crashed near Las Vegas while riding a motorcycle for a charity ride supporting the Hermitage-Guggenheim Museum in 2001. Luckily, she benefited from the advice of her riding buddies. Dennis Hopper had persuaded her to wear protective leathers instead of the chic one she brought, and Jeremy Irons supplied a full-face helmet in lieu of her open-face one. Hutton says she is not certain how fast she was going at the time of the crash (“they say between 90 and 110, but I would never ride that fast”), but her tires apparently lost grip as she skidded around a curve.

“She lost it on a corner, on a very slow bend,” said Irons, who was riding behind her. “She got onto the gravel at the side of the road and went into a slow skid which is very hard to get out of when you’re traveling at [that] speed. She finally hit the bank and flew through the air.”

When she came down, both legs and arms were broken, and three of her ribs were crushed, puncturing a lung. She was unconscious and a bone was protruding from her leg. Nevertheless, they say she looked gorgeous.