6. Morin Oil Cooler


Now that we have a high-flow oil pump, we’re going to take full advantage of it by adding a Morin oil cooler to help prolong engine life even further. The $168 Morin Complete Bolt On Oil Cooler Kit also comes courtesy of our friends at Steady Garage, and comes with everything needed to install the kit, including oil cooler, bracket, lines with AN fittings, and all the necessary bolts, including an extended head stud that will allow the oil to flow from the cylinder oil passage to the cooler. The cooler installs directly in front of the cylinder head, and the protective grate in front of the cooling fins helps protect against debris the front tire might kick up. How much impact does the cooler have? Some reports on internet message boards have shown as much as a 30-degree variance in oil temps with and without a cooler.