10. SBS Sintered Brake Pads/Spiegler Steel-Braided Brake Lines


We begin this list of go-fast parts for the Honda Grom with two items crucial for slowing down: brake pads and steel-braided brake lines. Since our beloved play bike was never meant for high-performance applications, it suffers from stopping power that feels like two pieces of wood clamping down on the disc (although it’s oddly consistent lap after lap), and a spongy lever. Thankfully, both items are easily solved via the aftermarket. SBS sent us its 797RSI sintered pads for the Grom, which should provide greater stopping power, be able to last the whole 24 hours and still provide significant more feel over the stock organic pads. They can be found for around $30 online.

Of course, a good set of pads is almost a waste without steel-braided lines, and the folks at Steady Garage hooked us up with the Spiegler brake line kit specifically for the Grom. For $125, the kit includes both front and rear lines along with all the necessary banjo bolts and crush washers for the job. The result should be much improved and consistent feel at the lever, lap after lap.