1. BST Carbon Fiber Wheels


Definitely the single item for our Grom we’re most excited about testing are these carbon fiber BST wheels, provided to us by Brock’s Performance, as you can see in the sticker. At $1500.83 (no, that’s not a typo), the BST wheels are almost half the cost of the bike itself. However, there’s no arguing the dramatic decrease in weight – approximately 2 and 3 lbs. lighter, respectively, from the stock 6-lb. front and 7-lb. rear. That’s a significant drop in weight to be sure, made more so by the fact the drop in rotating mass will greatly benefit every performance aspect of the bike. The wheels are available in two sizes; OEM sizing (2.75-inch x 12-inch front, 3.5-inch x 12-inch rear) or a wide option, which includes a 140/70-12 rear tire (instead of the standard 130/70-12) mounted on a 4.0-inch x 12-inch wheel. A 120/70-12 front tire is standard on both.

Speaking of tires, sharp eyes will notice the Michelin Power Pure SC rubber mounted to our wheels. They offer sticky edge grip plus exceptional durability, thanks to their dual-compound design – Michelin says they are the only dual-compound scooter tire on the market. If ordering tires with wheels from Brock’s, they are shipped mounted and balanced, plus they can be inflated with temperature-stable nitrogen instead of regular air. Were you to buy the tires separate from the wheels, it would cost you $73.95 front and $77.95 for the 130/70-12 rear. Add two more dollars for the 140-rear.