Top 10 Holiday Gifts Between $200-$500

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

Continuing our lists of Top 10 Motorcycle Holiday Gifts for you or a loved one, this week’s list focuses on items ranging in price between $200 and $500. Here we’ve compiled a bevy of items for both the rider and motorcycle alike. Whether the gift is for a person or a two-wheeled companion, either way, we’re sure with one of these items the recipient will be happy. We tried to cover a broad spectrum of riders and machinery, but narrowing the options to just 10 was no easy task. If you have a suggestion for this list, or simply want to add something you really want, say so in the comments section below. Who knows, Santa might grant your wish this year.

10. Alpinestars GT-S X-Trafit Glove $209.95

If you’re fortunate enough to be living in an area where you can still ride this time of year 1) Consider yourself lucky. 2) Consider a pair of the Alpinestars GS-S X-Trafit gloves. Just because there isn’t snow or ice where you live doesn’t mean the air isn’t chilly.

One of the major complaints we hear about winter riding gloves is their awkward bulkiness, which makes it difficult to feel the controls. Alpinestars’ X-Trafit line of gloves solves that problem. A revised construction process laminates the outer layer to the Gore-Tex membrane and inner layer below it, creating a sealed triple layer structure much thinner than that used on conventional cold-weather gloves with “floating” layers. The result is better feel that’s instantly noticeable the moment you slip it on.

9. GB Racing Motorcycle Protection $200 – $500 (depending on bike and level of protection)

Crashing sucks. Anyone who has been there knows the feeling. Assuming you’re all right, watching your pride and joy slide across the pavement, or even worse, cartwheel end over end is a gut wrenching feeling. Instantly, all you see are dollar signs as you do the math for the repair bills.

Depending on your budget and your bike, GB Racing has a host of protective products to minimize damage to your motorcycle in a fall. Constructed from fiberglass reinforced nylon, these covers are highly impact and abrasion resistant. From frame sliders to engine covers, spend a little money now protecting your bike to avoid a hefty repair bill down the line.

8. Kriega Overlander 30 Dirt/DualSport Panniers $299.99

One of the joys of motorcycling is the freedom to explore. That freedom expands exponentially when your route leaves the pavement. While exploration is great, sometimes you need to carry your gear for that overnight stay in the middle of nowhere. Dirt and dual-sport motorcycles aren’t known for their expansive storage capabilities, and that’s where Kriega’s Overlander panniers come into play.

These 100% waterproof panniers carry 15 liters each and mount tight to a variety of dirt or dual-sport bikes without the need for a frame or rack. Each bag is made from ultra-tough, double-stitched Cordura with reinforced sides to withstand whatever the elements may bring. The system is modular, too, with the ability to accommodate other Kriega bags, up to the 30-liter top pannier, for a total of 60 liters of storage capacity. With that kind of cargo room, if Santa ever need help, he can call on you!

7. Sena Bluetooth Action Camera $399

Everybody knows about GoPro cameras and the great things you can do with them. Now Sena is looking to grab a slice of the action camera pie with its new Bluetooth Action Camera, which Sena claims is the first camera on the market to provide authentic Bluetooth technology. The all-new action camera is Bluetooth 4.0 capable with 1080p HD video recording capability. And with the Bluetooth-based remote control and voice prompt, gloved hands trying to fumble with buttons will be a thing of the past.

Sena was also thoughtful enough to provide a unique mounting accessory just for motorcyclists. The QRMM (Quick Release Motorcycle Mounting) system enables riders to quickly attach and detach the camera to change the view through the use of a variety of mounting options such as windshield mount, fog lamp-type mount, and side mirror mount.

6. Dunlop Q3 Sportmax tires

New tires may not be the most glamorous gift you can give this holiday season, but considering tires are the only connection the motorcycle has with the ground, they shouldn’t be overlooked. And if you have a sport, or sporty, motorcycle one of the best gifts you can give it this season is a set of Dunlop Q3 Sportmax tires.

Among the top street/track tires we’ve sampled, the Q3 benefits from CFT, or Carbon Fiber Technology. Using carbon filaments in the tire’s sidewall, the benefit, Dunlop says, is lighter feeling on turn-in, better stability at full lean, and more composure driving out of a corner. After testing those claims for himself at Dunlop’s dedicated motorcycle tire proving grounds in Alabama, editor Siahaan came back gushing about the tire’s performance. If you or someone you know is an aggressive street or track rider, they’ll love a set of the Dunlop Q3s. Trust us.

5. Rev’it! Women’s Camden Jacket $319.99

We haven’t forgotten about the growing number of women riding these days, and thankfully, neither have apparel manufacturers. While there’s a number of gear options out there specifically for women, we happen to like the Camden jacket from Rev’it!. As you can see, this isn’t your ordinary riding jacket. Designed to look like a professional jacket you could wear in the boardroom, the Camden is equally at home on a motorcycle.

The waterproof and breathable poly-cotton outer shell comes with a thermal liner inside for warmth on cooler rides, and there’s no shortage of pockets throughout to keep your things secure. Most importantly, Knox Lite CE protection rests in the shoulders and elbows, and the jacket can accept a Knox back protector as well.

4. Bell Bullitt Helmet $399.95

What’s old is new again, and the Bell Bullitt helmet is one of the coolest retro-inspired lids we’ve seen in a long time. But don’t mistake the old looks for old technology — the Bullitt is completely modern inside. Inspired by the original Bell Star, the Bullitt celebrates Bell’s 60th anniversary by combining classic styling with contemporary safety features.

The low-profile fiber composite shell copies the RS-1 head form and features a multi-density EPS liner, removable, washable and anti-bacterial liner, a padded chin strap with stainless steel D-Ring closure and leather pull tab, and a perforated micro-suede interior fabric with leather trim. Ten different shield types are available for the Bullitt, including five variations of the retro bubble shield seen in this picture. Unless you decide to wear a leather cap and goggles, it doesn’t get more old school than this!

3. TCX R-S2 EVO Boots $429.99

Riding boots, especially racing ones, are a touchy subject. You want maximum feel and protection without having to wear them for long periods of time for proper break-in. The TCX R-S2 EVO delivers on all those fronts, as editor Roderick points out in his review.

Slip them on over your leathers, inflate the air bladder using the Precise Air Fit System (PAFS), and go on with your ride as normal. More than just a motorcycle version of the popular Reebok Pumps from the early 1990s, the R-S2 EVO also features TCX’s Torsion Control System (TCS) to allow the ankle to flex only in its natural motion, and the Metatarsal Control System (MCS) to protect the delicate bones in your foot. If you or someone you know is riding around in boots as old as the Reeboks, maybe it’s time to think about upgrading to something a little better this holiday season.

2. Scorpion Passport 1-piece Riding Suit $429.95

It’s no coincidence Scorpion has named its 1-piece adventure riding suit the Passport. For the adventure or touring rider looking to cover long distances, this suit will do it all. Its waterproof and breathable membrane system will keep you comfortable and dry while the removable full-body liner provides warmth in colder riding conditions. A durable 600 Denier nylon shell and CE memory armor provide abrasion and impact protection. Details like the no-slip seat, accordion stretch panels and billowed leg pockets keep comfort and accessibility a top priority.

Of course, you don’t have to be a long-distance rider to appreciate the Passport’s benefits. Slip it on over your normal clothes and it makes a great companion for the daily commute.

1. Roland Sands Design Clarity Line

If you’re a gearhead like us, then you like seeing how things work. This is especially true with engines. Which is why we think the Clarity line from Roland Sands Design is particularly clever. Available for virtually any H-D or S&S engine from 1993 onward, each is constructed from a combination of transparent polycarbonate and machined billet aluminum to give you a peek inside the various parts of your engine. Currently available options from the Clarity line include air cleaners, clutch covers, rocker box covers, transmission covers, derby covers, and cam covers, and all are under the $500 limit for this list. Each piece is available in chrome, black, or a combination of the two, and are sure to attract hypnotizing stares wherever they go.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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