5. FXB Sturgis

1982 Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis

“It’s the most badass bike Harley-Davidson has ever made.” I’m with my old buddy Tyler Greenblatt, Associate Editor of American Iron Magazine, on this one. I love the short-lived FXB, from the king-and-queen seat to the “Sturgis” nameplate emblazoned right across the forks so everyone can see the badness coming their way. It was only produced from 1980-82, but while many discontinued Harleys are no-brainers, the obsolete FXB, like many others on this list, is a cult favorite.

Featuring dual primary and secondary belts and thick spoked wheels, the FXB was an all-black version of the successful FXS Low Rider. “For something made over 30 years ago,” Tyler says, “it sure has a lot in common with the Dark Custom bikes rolling off the MoCo line today.”