6. FXDP Dyna Defender

2003 Harley-Davidson FXDP DynaDefender courtesy HD Forums

Harley’s police-issue Dyna was produced from 2001-04 and for some reason was never very popular with police departments. (Perhaps our commenters can shed some light on this?) It differs from the standard Dyna of its time in its solo saddle, dual disc front brakes, boxy bags, mini-ape bar, tall rear shocks with black springs and, if you’re lucky, a factory-mounted light bar with red and blue pursuit lights. Designed as an active-duty police vehicle, there were approximately 300 manufactured in each year of its existence, making the FXDP a rather collectible Dyna.

“I love it because with its the blacked-out drivetrain, dual-disc front end and plenty of storage in those hard bags, it’s a like an early version of a bagger, only more maneuverable,” Ken Conte, owner of Rise Above Consulting and moto-blogger at 4Ever2Wheels.com, told us.