4. Electronic Fuel Injection


And speaking of the good old Flying Brick K100RS, there may have been fuel-injected bikes before it, but I don’t remember what they were. If I had a dollar for every hour of my youth spent dicking with carburetors trying to make a vehicle run, run better, run at all, not leak gas, or not backfire and set the hood on fire, I’d be in Tahiti with Fletcher Christian right now instead of writing this.

Even the simplest carburetor, which really is an oxymoron, is a nightmare of spring-loaded intricate parts held together by the softest-available miniature Phillips-head screws yearning to explode across your garage. Why not use four of them, Yoshi? Gummed-up carburetors from non-operation has probably sent more perfectly good old motorcycles to the crusher than any other malady. Now you kids just push the starter button and go. This is my version of walking to school in the snow (though I did that too).