5. Oxford Heaterz Premium Grips $89.95


You know how much Dad loves riding his motorcycle. For him the riding season lasts until he’s forced to pry his cold, stiff fingers from the grips after “just one more ride.” Show him how much you love him by giving him a set of Oxford Heaterz Premium Grips. With versions available for adventurer bikes, cruisers, sportbikes, and tourers, you’ll be able to get Dad the heated grips that are perfect for him.

The grips have an engineered surface with rhombus tread patterns for better feel, while a diamond pattern is used for areas requiring maximum grip. In wear-prone sections, the rubber is thicker. Oxford claims that these grips are durable enough to outlast OEM grips. Beneath the grips, the silicon cables that provide the heat are designed to remain flexible in the coldest temperatures.

The controller has five heat settings for tuning the grip warmth to the riding conditions. The intelligent controller function tracks the status of the charging system and automatically shuts off the unit when the bike is parked with the engine off. So, wiring the Heaterz is as simple as connecting the controller directly to the battery. Additionally, a safety feature disables the control unit if the battery voltage drops below 10.5V.