Transfagarasan Road, Romania

Transfagarasan Mission Red Planet

Built in the 1970s as a strategic military route by Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Transfăgărășan (DN7C) is 56 miles of twists and turns that run across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians, of Romania. It is a winding road, dotted with steep hairpin turns, long S-curves, and sharp descents. The road connects the historic regions of Transylvania (ooh, vedy sceddy) and Wallachia.

Transfagarasan Map

In this hilariously awesome clip the “Top Gear” crew drive the route (the real action starts at about the 5-minute mark). Says host Jeremy Clarkson: “The Transfagarasan is the most amazing road I have ever seen… From above it looks like every great corner from every great race track in the world has been knitted together to create one unbroken great ribbon of automotive perfection…” Afterward, he declares the Transfăgărășan “the best road in the world,” a designation the show had previously bestowed on Italy’s ubiquitous Stelvio Pass.

PHOTO: Mission Red; MAP, Wikipedia