Top 10 Motorcycling Roads Around The World

All motorcyclists dream of riding in exotic locales. That longing, it’s in our blood. Sometimes we see movies like Long Way Round/Down and think, “I’d love to ride there.” Other times we’ll see a beautiful landscape or glorious stretch of road while flipping through our favorite magazines or watching some movie or television show, and fantasize wistfully about what it would be like to be one with nature in that locale – with a motorcycle between our legs, of course.

Even more often, we daydream while slogging through our daily commute, wishing the traffic and smog would just dissolve so we could find ourselves on a winding ribbon of asphalt, slicing through a forest or hugging some coastline somewhere. Anywhere but here.

Ah, wanderlust – it’s what separates us from those filthy animals in their soul-sucking cages. Obviously, many of the world’s most renowned riding roads are relatively attainable and make great moto-vacations: Route 66, the Cabot Trail and Pacific Coast Highway come to mind. But we at dream bigger. We asked ourselves, “If money, time, family, jobs and everything else were chucked out the proverbial window, and we could ride any road anywhere – where would we go? Which road would be our ultimate motorcycling fantasy?”

Submitted for your approval, in no particular order:’s Top 10 Fantasy Rides. If you’ve been fortunate enough to cruise any of them, we look forward to reading your comments. If you think we missed any epic rides, feel free to pipe up; you certainly wouldn’t be the first person to share your fantasy over the internet.